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Don't miss your rehab or massage appointment!

Effective 7/16/18 we will be charging not only for massage no shows and late cancellations, but also for no shows or late cancellations when scheduled with Dr. Lam.

Your treatment is important to us; we want all our patients to have the opportunity to feel better. That's why it's essential that you don't miss your appointments. We don't want your treatment to be interrupted, or your progress to be halted. Plus, you might be charged a $42 no show fee!

We understand that life continues making demands on you whether you feel better or not. Meetings at work, picking up the kids, unexpected guests, traffic - these are all things that can interfere with you being able to make your appointments on time. When you no show your appointment, your practitioner is left wondering if you're just running late, if you have been brutally injured, or if you are feeling better and forgot. Meanwhile, our front office thinks of all the people who could have filled that spot. If you are unable to make your appointment, we ask that you give us 4 hours notice so that we may try to fill your slot with someone on the waiting list. Dr. Lam and our massage therapists are often booked several weeks in advance, with a waiting list of patients who need treatment and can come in at a moment's notice.


Attention Patients!!

Effective 7/16/18

Due to Dr. Lam's schedule being booked up to a month out, we will be implementing a $42 late cancellation/no show fee. To avoid this fee, you'll need to call FOUR HOURS prior to your appointment time.

We have not had to have a cancellation fee in the past, however we are now consistently having a very long wait list for Dr. Lam. Therefore this cancellation policy has become necessary.

Thank you for your understanding in this policy change, and if you have any questions please speak with our manager Katie.

Sutton Chiropractic and Massage Team

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